The Rex Group is a transnational group of housing associations, formed by the Chief Executives from several European countries to carry out research and exchange (hence the title “Rex”) on matters related to organisational management, service delivery, performance and quality measuring. They meet periodically as a steering group and commission various pieces of work to be carried out by Task Forces made up of staff from the member organisations. Apart from sharing information and making comparisons between organisations, the group also communicates with national and international federations to keep updated on the newest developments related to social housing.

On a practical level staff exchanges take place to let them learn from their colleagues abroad.
Wonen Breburg
WonenBreburg is a housing association that operates in the South of the Netherlands. The company currently lets some 30.000 dwellings in the municipalities of Tilburg, Breda, Bavel, Berkel-Enschot, Galder, Rijen, Chaam, Teteringen en Wernhout. Wonen Breburg exists for more than 100 years. The first chapter in Breda was founded in 1902 while the first chapter in Tilburg was established in 1913.
De Alliantie
De Alliantie is a housing association. They rent affordable and good quality dwellings for people on lower incomes. Not only does de Alliantie provide affordable rental homes but they also provide housing for sale in the lower price segments. De Alliantie lets, manages, builds and sells dwellings in the following regions: Amsterdam, Almere, Amersfoort, Gooi- en Vechtstreek. Currently de Alliantie owns and manages 53.000 dwellings.
LHEDCO is the holding company of Polylogis in France. LHEDCO is an association that promotes housing in general and more specifically is interested in affordable housing solutions. LHECO is an internation al association that is based in Luxembourg but has through Polylogis its main operations in France. Polylogis currently manages 74.400 dwellings through 7 different branch offices.
Stockholms Kooperativa Bostadsförening (SKB) is a membership-owned housing co-operative. The co-operative, founded in 1916, owns and manages some 7.650 dwellings and at the end of 2015, SKB had more than 85,500 members. Most of their properties are located in the centre of Stockholm and the surrounding areas.
Stockholmshem is a social housing company that is owned by the city of Stockholm Stadshus Inc. group. The company was founded in 1937 and since then has been one of the largest components in the expansion and growth of the city of Stockholm. The company currently manages 26.000 dwellings and some 3.500 commercial units.
Places for People Group
Places for People is one of the largest property and leisure management, development and regeneration companies in the UK. They own or manage over 150,000 homes and have assets in excess of £3 billion. Customers are at the heart of everything we do. They have been building homes since 1965, and today they create award-winning developments. Places for People is operating across the UK and looking for opportunities and ideas from other countries.
Svenska Bostäder was founded in 1944 by the city council. It is one of the biggest Swedish housing associations and in the past 70 years they have had an active role in the provision and management of housing in the Stockholm city centre and its neighbouring areas. Currently Svesnka Bostäder is managing 25.500 dwellings.
One Manchester
Launched in 2015 when Eastlands Homes and City South Manchester Housing Trust joined together in partnership, One Manchester is a unique social business that looks to innovative new approaches and partnerships to tackle the issues that neighbourhoods face. They manage a wide range of neighbourhoods, and over 12,500 homes, across south and east Manchester. That means not being just a landlord, but a connector and enabler of change, improvement and opportunity in their communities, bringing social value to all that they do.
Ymere is a housing association that operates as a social enterprise. In total Ymere is letting around 89.000 units, mainly affordable housing (78.000 units). Ymere operates in the regions: Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Haarlem en Haarlemmermeer, Weesp and Leiden. Every town and every neighbourhood is different and Ymere anticipates on local circumstances. They have different branch offices in close proximity of the clients and local partners.
Hegau Baugenossenschaft
Hegau is a cooperative organisation what means that they are formally owned by their members. Hegau is based in the area next to lake Konstanz in southern Germany. Currently the organisation owns and manages around 3.400 units. The cooperative was founded in 1952 to support housing for refugees. Additional to housing Hegau offers its members other products like saving schemes, travel arrangements and neighbourhood management.
Wohnungsgenossenschaft von 1904 Hamburg
This is a cooperative that has been established in 1904 to offer good and safe housing for affordable prices. Currently the cooperation has 4.500 members and is managing 3.673 dwellings and some 1.000 parking places. 1904 has set very high goals for social engagement and this is expressed in specific policies regarding: guest houses, neighbourhood meeting points, housing for the elderly, step-free access, neighbourhood management etc.
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